Valerj Pobega is an Italian Fashion Designer and Artist based in Los Angeles, California. Every Garment of her conceptual Avant-Garde line is entirely designed, cut, sewn and the silk fabrics hand-painted by Valerj herself, in numbered limited editions, crossing that fine line of what is usually considered Art or Fashion. Previously presented collections are available made to order if edition number is still acquirable.
You're wearing Art, and Art is timeless.


Growing up in Alghero, a city on Italy’s western-bearing island of Sardinia, Valerj Pobega inherited her artistic nature early on. She quickly asserted her position of refusing to color in the lines, a belief she still lives by today.

Born into a family of artists, both her mother and father can be credited as the first significant influences in regards to her creative process. After her mother guided her in developing basic sewing skills, she started to piece together dresses for her dolls, eventually leading her to sketch and design for her own wardrobe.

One of Valerj’s first influences were those of the freedom and individualism expressed in the early years of MTV and the culture that surrounded it. Admiring these principles, she set out to become a part of the fashion world, an industry she was determined to build her career in.

During the time she spent in Rome and Milan, Valerj was quickly noticed by the local couture houses for her ideal height and natural beauty. Shortly after, she began modeling with well-established companies including names like Valentino, Fendi, and Egon von Furstenberg. This allowed for an authentic glimpse into the inner workings of a successful couture house.

With her desire to be a part of something that expresses more than the exterior, Valerj decided to return to the design aspect of the industry. She studied Art but Fashion and patternmaking courses were essential in her skill development, which led to the creation of her first clothing line, KG363. This contemporary ready-to-wear collection quickly became successful and went on to be sold in some of the country’s finest boutiques, most notably Corso Como 10 in Milan.

Most recently the designer embarked on her latest venture and relocated to Los Angeles where she was drawn to its uplifting sunshine and famous California spirit. She immediately began creating her current namesake label, Valerj Pobega, which launched in 2008. This unique high-end line is entirely cut, sewn, and hand painted by Valerj herself, who by default refers to each item as a "piece of art" because of its unique characteristics her collections have attracted a loyal following of tastemakers, celebrities, and stylists among its clientele. The collection aims to bring back attention to couture details in fashion, something she learned from an early age in the couture houses of Rome.